TOO MUCH MAN – Out December 7!


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Piper Welborn has created a warm, welcoming space for all in her queer-inclusive coffee shop, even if the long hours came at the cost of her love life. But she’s not ready to welcome one man in particular—a grumpy, muscular former hockey player. His smoldering presence is a temptation and a challenge to her long-standing vow not to date cis men.

Gavin Williams has no business starting a relationship, least of all with a woman he’s not sure even likes him. He can’t resist the Friendly Bean’s hot, pink-haired owner, but a casual fling is all he can commit to. He’s hoping to leave town for the next stage in his career… if he ever gets the call with the job offer.

A friends-with-benefits arrangement is perfect for them both—but neither is ready for the feelings that hit. When the post-hockey life Gavin always dreamed of is suddenly within his grasp, they’ll both have to make a choice: hold tight to what they thought life should look like, or work together to build something new.

CW: Off-page past death of heroine’s parents and hero’s past career-ending knee injury; on-page explicit sex, alcohol use, and heroine’s experience of bi-erasure.


TOO HOT TO TOUCH – Coming 2022

Tyler Valentine’s hockey career has had its ups and downs—including that time his lover and teammate tried to out him to their team, causing an irreparable rift in the locker room that ended with Tyler traded across the county. He’s spent the following years sleeping his way across the hockey continent to counteract the rumors, but playing in Philadelphia has gotten him back on track. Still, at thirty-four he knows he can’t play hockey forever, so he gives going back to school a shot one summer. He just didn’t expect his teacher to be his new team captain’s sister. Or for the attraction between them to be so… irresistible. 

PhD student Murray Silva has two jobs and a mountain of research to complete. After putting her dreams on hold to care for… well, everyone, during her mother’s bout with cancer, she is focused on her goals for the future: excel in school and deal with her nightmare of an advisor, while somehow paying the bills and keeping up with all of her committments. She doesn’t need the distraction of her embarrassing hockey crush Tyler Valentine in her summer school classroom, especially since at first he didn’t even remember who she was.

Between his brush with career disaster and his unsupportive parents, Tyler’s learned to close himself off from true intimacy, but he’s willing to risk being hurt again if it means being with Murray. But she’s so used to taking care of everyone around her that she can’t commit to the added responsibility of a relationship. When summer turns to fall, class is over, and the hockey season starts again, they both have to decide if they have room in their lives for what is between them.

CW: Off-page past experience of heroine’s mother’s cancer, off-page outing of hero’s sexuality, on-page explicit sex.