QuoteThe Cinderella Factor

2019 Golden Heart® Finalist

(Written under the name Elly Kate)

Unpublished contemporary romance manuscript, approximately 107,000 words

Julia Harrow is just trying to get by. After losing her job as an adjunct professor of Medieval Literature in New York, she takes a chance on appearing on a morning television segment about courtly love in an attempt to raise her profile—despite her fear of cameras and public attention. Happily, her job search yields a dream opportunity in London: two years at a renowned college with the possibility of permanent appointment.

Jake Flynn is the movie star every woman wants. With his boy-next-door good looks and the leading role in a successful action series, he seems to have everything. But what he knows he can’t have is the brilliant, fascinating woman on the television morning show. Approaching a “regular” woman never ends well.

Lightning strikes twice as Julia and Jake run into each other first in Miami Beach, then in London, and Jake couldn’t be happier. The head of Julia’s college department, however, doesn’t want her in the tabloids, and Julia herself can’t cope with the scrutiny of being a movie star’s girlfriend. Jake just wants everyone to be happy.

Can Julia face her own fear—and the man who holds her career in his hands—when disaster strikes? And can Jake learn that loving someone sometimes means asking for what you need? Can love last when the reality of the fairy tale is everything they never wanted?

Future books in this series include Red and the Wolf, Tangled Up, and Beauty and the Bastard.