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Four photographs, showing a couple kissing, a hockey stick and puck, a cup of coffee, and a house with a rainbow Pride flag.

During Gavin Williams’ twenty-year hockey career, he won championships, awards, and the adulation of his fans in Vancouver. But when the team doesn’t re-sign him, he jumps at the chance to continue his career in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, his hockey days are over when he blows out his knee right before the playoffs. Now he’s stuck in a strange city with nothing but endless physical therapy appointments. It’s no wonder he resents the cheerful optimism of the aimless twenty-something coffee shop barista. Even if she is the sexiest woman he’s seen in… well, ever.

There are several things Piper Welborn is not: aimless, twenty-something, or a barista. Sure, she looks young for her age, but she owns that coffee shop and runs it like a well-oiled machine. Not only is she happy with her life and the strong community she’s built, but she’s sworn off men, choosing instead to lean heavily toward the other side of her bisexuality. That especially pertains to the grumpy ex-hockey player who insulted her coffee. No matter how smoking hot he is.

When these two are forced to work together on a charity project involving Gavin’s team and Piper’s shop, they put aside their differences for the common good. And when sparks fly between them, they agree on a short-term affair to get the mutual attraction out of their systems before Gavin returns to Vancouver. But when stranger feelings develop, Gavin must choose between regaining his superstar status back home or forging a new path in Philadelphia. And Piper has to overcome her fears of bi-erasure if she is to follow her heart toward the man who makes her feel complete.

CW: Off-page past death of heroine’s parents; hero’s off-page past career-ending knee injury; alcohol use; heroine’s experience of bi-erasure.


Coming 2022

Tyler Valentine’s hockey career has had its ups and downs—including that time his lover and teammate outed him as bisexual in the locker room. But playing in Philadelphia has gotten him back on track. Still, he can’t play hockey forever, so he gives going back to school a shot one summer. He just didn’t expect his teacher to be his teammate’s sister. Or for the attraction between them to be so… irresistible. PhD student Murray Silva has two jobs and a mountain of research to complete. She doesn’t need the distraction of Tyler Valentine in her classroom, or in her dreams. When summer turns to fall, class is over, and the hockey season starts again, they both have to decide if they have room in their lives for what is between them.